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Mail address: 1820 Bayfield Ct, State College PA 16801

Telephone: 814 861 8522

Email: morris@math.psu.edu

My GnuPG public key

My Erdös number is 3. One of my coauthors with Erdös number 2 was my late friend and colleague John Olson.

Personal History

I was born in San Antonio and got my PhD at the University of Texas in 1966. I was on the faculty in the Math Department at Penn State from then until my retirement on June 29, 1997. My two children are John and Sarah. John lives in St. Louis, where he is a free-lance editor. Sarah lives in Dublin, Ireland, where she is an Industrial Engineer. On December 12, 1998, she married a fine Irish lad, Tony O'Brien!

On June 25, 2000, I became a grandfather! Sarah and Tony are now the parents of Kathryn Sarah O'Brien. Click here for a picture of the beautiful Kathryn. My second granddaughter Ruth O'Brien was born September 1, 2001! They are the two cutest toddlers in all of Ireland!

It has indeed been a year for babies in my life! My girlfriend Laurie has fulfilled a dream by adopting a daughter from China! Jemma Rose Qingwei Dickson, born May 20, 1999, in Gaoyou, China, is a beautiful baby and very lively and curious. Click here for a picture of both of them. For more pictures of Jemma, visit Laurie's web page.


My book Introduction to Game Theory appeared in Springer's Universitext series in 1994.

Here is a link to a TicTacToe java applet.

Some Personal Interests

In politics, I consider myself a progressive Democrat and am involved in the local party organization.

Of course, I am pretty happy that President Clinton has become the first Democrat since FDR to be elected a second time!

Sometimes I go to contra dances. My girlfriend Laurie helped to organize the dance in Lewisburg. There is also a State College dance.

I run Linux on my home computer. It's great, it's free, and it doesn't come from the Microsoft monopoly.

I hope the Cubs win the World Series in my lifetime.

I also wish my 2nd favorite National League team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, good luck. Here's a link to a drawing(116K) of their proposed new ballpark. It looks good and the site has a dramatic view of downtown Pittsburgh. It could be one of the great new stadiums, although the name they're going to give it is unfortunate. They chose to make a few bucks by naming it after a bank. My choice would have been 'WMC Park', for Honus Wagner, Bill Mazeroski, and Roberto Clemente. But, then, they didn't ask me.

Some Art Links

I know of some sites for looking at art. There are the San Francisco Art Museums, the WebLouvre site, and the Australian National University.

You can also send a museum postcard through the web.

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