Robert E. Huff
12 Cricklewood Circle
State College, PA 16803

I retired from Penn State some years ago, but can be reached via the above snail-mail and e-mail addresses.

In 1973-74 I wrote a set of lecture notes on Vector Measures. Joe Diestel has recently scanned these to PDF files, kindly sent me copies, and suggested I make them available to others who might still find them of some interest. The set consists of eight PDF files, labeled VM1 thru VM8, and can be obtained via the following links.

VM1 Introduction (PDF).
VM2 Non-negative, real-valued, ca measures (PDF).
VM3 The space ca (PDF).
VM4 The space ba (PDF).
VM5 Vector-valued measures (PDF).
VM6 Integrals (PDF).
VM7 Radon-Nikodym derivatives (PDF).
VM8 The Radon-Nikodym Property (PDF).