Dr. James A. Hager
Senior Lecturer Mathematics Department
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Education
Coordinator First Year Business Calculus Programs
Faculty Resident Scholar - Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Office: 211 McAllister Building                                                               
Ph: (814) 863-8753
Office Hours:    Tuesday, Thursday: 1:00 - 3:00 and by Appointment
email: hager@math.psu.edu,  jah14@psu.edu

In a world of vagaries and irrational passions, mathematics is a noble pursuit that represents honesty and goodness.....

Sr. Research Scientist

SRI International:   www.scpa.sri.com
Signal Technology Program
Ph: (814) 278-6051
email:   james.hager@sri.com

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Fall 2012

Math 110 - Techniques of Calculus

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