Group Members

The group consists of graduate students, postdocs and visiting scholars. They are working in several academic units. Some group members are in the photo.

Namelist of current and previous group members at Penn State:

  Name		   	  Major	                      Degree
------ ------ ----------- Rajeev Ahluwalia, physics Postdoc (1999-2001)

Hu Cao, Materials Science, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, exchange student (2003)

Chuanwen Chen, Physics, joint-training student, Harbin Institute of Technology (2007-2008)

Mark Draheim, BioEngineering, M.S., Aug. 1997

Jiri Erhart, Physics University of Lebric Postdoc (1998-1999), (2003)

Richard Hatt, Physics Brigham Young University, Postdoc (1999-2000)

Jae Il Hong, Postdoc, Electronics, Dae Yeu Technical Junior College, Korea (Feb. 22, 1997 - Feb. 21, 1998)

Bei Jiang, Lab Assistant (1995-2007)

Wnehua Jiang, acoustics Nanjing University Visiting Professor (1997-1998), (1999-2002) (2--3-2004)

Hirotaka Katanahara, Materials Sci&Eng M.S (Shonan Institute of Technology, Japan) (2001)

Moojoon Kim, Physic, Pukyong National University, Korea, Visiting Associate Professor (2005-2006)

Guorong Li, Visiting Associate Professor, Shanghai Institue of Ceramics (2003-2004)

Zhangfang Li, Joint training student, Jilin University (2007-2009)

Maureen Mulvihill, Materials, Ph. D., 1996

Wenkang Qi, BioEngineering, Ph. D.1997

Elena Semouchkina, Materials, Ph.D. May 2001/ Postdoc (2001-2004)

George Semouchkin, Materials Research Lab., Visiting Professor (1998-2004).

Minrong Shen, Physics Shuzhou University, Visiting Assistant Professor (1999-200)

James Schloss, Mash Company, Postdoc (1993-1994)

Nandagopal Thiruvengadam, Operational Research, M.S., Dec. 2004

Mikhail Vladimirovich Detinko, Visiting Associate Professor ( Jan. 2003- April 2003)

Haifeng Wang, Materials, Ph. D., May 2002

Shumao Xie, Materials/Computer Science

Won Yang, Electrical Engineering, Chung-Ang University,Korea, Visiting Professor (2002-2005)

Mingxi Wan, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Visiting Prof.(1995-1996)

Dalian Yang , Materials, M.S., 1995

Xianegn Yua, Bioengineerin, Tsinghua University, siting Scholar

Jianhua Yin, physics Nanjing University. Postdoc (1998-2000) (2001-2002)

Qian Zhang, Acoustics M.S., Dec. 2000

Sheng Zhang, Beijing Institute of Mathematics, Visiting Scholar(1996)

Rui Zhang, Bioengineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Postdoc (2000-2005)

Jie Zhu, Materials, Ph. D. (June 2008)

Shining Zhu, Physics, Nanjing University Postdoc/Research Associate (1996-1997)

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