Memorable Moments


SARS may be gradually under control in Hong Kong, but its psychological impact is far from over. The disease has brought people together and also taught people some new ways to protect themselves. Some very positive improvements definitely came out of the epidemic, such as no-littering and no-spitting in public, wash hands often, do not eat wild animals, set-up special hospitals for infectious diseases, which will benefit the whole world.

Being in Hong Kong at this special historical moment gave me an opportunity to view the development of the event. Feel what people feel about it and get the excitement from all positive development.

Theses photos recorded some historical moments that may never to appear again in anywhere in the world. You will see that, sometimes, fear, excitement and humor can mingle together.   Now follow me and see yourself ¡­.



I. Catch the last train of SARS





II. Excuse me, the door is to where?




III. Reading while waiting, life goes on¡­




IV. Still packed inside ...



V. Mr. McDonald is still happy ¡­



VI. Who is next?  [Don¡¯t mistake this as a hospital¡­]



VII University meeting room. There will be a ¡°Doctor¡¯s¡± meeting ¡­, get it?


VIII. Every room is a ¡°clean room¡± in the ASM company¡­